N2013 Presentations

After the successful completion of the N2013 Conference, some presenters at the conference have shared their work with you. You can open and/or download any of the presentation of the N2013 Conference held on 18 – 22 November 2013 at Speke Resort and Conference Center, Munyonyo in Kampala, Uganda. Click here to see one of the participants Impression of Speke Resort

All presentations are made available in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to open. If you experience any difficulties downloading or opening these files, please send email to n2013conference@gmail.com for further assistance. We thank you for your participation in the N2013 Conference and hope to see you again in the next edition. Please click here to download the presentations

N2013 Publications

We plan an edited proceedings in the form of a book with Springer. For this, we expect short chapters (typically 1500-2500 words or ~6 pages A4 singlesided 12 point) which we will then group according to Major Themes. In terms of timescale, we aim that all chapters should be submitted to us during the spring, before 30th May. The book project strongly complements the ERL special issue and will allow us to include a wider set of INI science, especially with newly developing ideas that would not yet be ready for the rigorous peer review that ERL will demand.

Please click here to fill and submit a form of your details. Fill the form and send it in pdf format to INIChair@ceh.ac.uk

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N2013 Conference in Kampala, Uganda

The International Nitrogen Initiative (INI), African Nitrogen Centre, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences hosted the 6th International Nitrogen Conference (N2013) in Kampala, Uganda.

The 6th international conference came after the successful and influential conferences in the Netherlands, USA, China, Brazil and India see www.initrogen.org. The common objective of these conferences is the design of more productive, economic, and sustainable food and energy production systems to meet the challenges of the growing global population in a changing environment.

The International Nitrogen Initiative is a global effort to optimize nitrogen’s beneficial role in sustainable food production and to minimize nitrogen’s negative effects on human health and the environment.

The 6th International Nitrogen Conference (N2013) was held on 18 – 22 November 2013 at Speke Resort and Conference Center in Kampala, Uganda under the theme¬†‚ÄėLet us aim for Just Enough N: Perspectives on how to get there for ‚Äútoo much‚ÄĚ and ‚Äútoo little‚ÄĚ Regions‚Äô.¬†Over 150 delegates from more than 30 countries attended. These delegates included scientists, agriculturalists, environmentalists, industrialists, economists and policy-makers. The conference had detailed discussions on various sub-themes linked to nitrogen management, including food security, human health, agriculture and the water cycle. The conference culminated into a “Kampala Declaration” ¬†which¬†has key messages for governments, international fora, business and civil society – on the challenges and the options for nitrogen management. A “Press Release” was published in international media. Locally, the conference was captured in one of the dailies.

Conference News

  • Conference Announcement

    Conference Announcement

    The International Nitrogen Initiative (INI), African Nitrogen Centre, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and  Makerere University College of Agricultural and


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    Uganda Tourism at a Glance

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